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Japanese flowers are still not well known in overseas market but now getting popular in certain overseas market. We Bloom Japan Network is organizing Joint Venture with key flower auctions in Japan to promote Japanese flowers for export in overseas market and providing export related services.

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Cut Flowers

Many new seasonal items are available and ready to export for overseas market now. Let's feel the art of nature on your arrangement. Good for party and event decoration, super long vase life...

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Pot Plants

Cymbidiums flowering plants and Dendrobium flowering plants are available now. You will be surprised about unusual quality and beautifulness when you see Japanese flowering Orchid plants!

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Helleborus hybrids Ruse Pink.JPG

Gentiana Kyuusuto.jpg

Chrysanthemum Green Shamrock.jpg

Lathyrus odoratus Maihime.JPG


Bonsai top.JPG



Sweat Peas

Most popular Japanese cut flower

Early grown Japanese Sweet Peas are now available!

Lathyrus odoratus Sikibu.JPG

Japanese Sweet Pea cut flower is world's finest quality and the most popular Japanese cut flower for export in winter. So many New Yorkers love Japanese Sweet Peas...


The best seller item for export

The best season in quality now! Lasting very long, so nice volume & beautiful flowers. We can provide many varieties in Autumn and Winter.

Gloriosa Peal White.jpg

Japanese Gloriosa is well known as the finest quality quality in the world and already exporting to many countries in EU, Russia, United States and Asian countriesm the best seller Japanese cut flowers needless to say...

Tweedia (Oxipetalum)

2nd best seller item for export

Tweedia is 2nd best seller Japanese cut flower item for export, beautiful & very soft flower color with many type of flower shape. All year round supply.

Oxipetalum Pure Blue.jpg

Tweedia is one of the most important flowers for wedding in Japan. And now Tweedia is also getting popular as wedding flower in overseas market. We are supplying Blue, White and Pink tweedia with some kind of shape of flowers.

Pot Orchids

Large quantity export to Asian market

Japanese pot Orchid e.g. Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums and Phalaenopsis are already popular in Asian countries as winter gift items for special occasions. And now exporting to Dubai have started.


Pot Orchid is grown by Japanese skillful growers with so long year's growing. Now Japanese pot Orchid is getting popular in overseas market. Foreign royal families and executive peoples loves this unusual flowering Japanese Pot Orchids.

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Bloom Japan Network is Joint Venture Organization with Japan's key flower auctions.